the acid drop

Orian!? Thats my name. its a name thats weird and hard to read,pronounce, and spell out. kinda like me... I cant live without my I-pod, my skateboard, and a good high to get me by! Im in love with rock, metal, alternative music and indie! and also appreciates rap.. mostly "Tyler the Creator"! But nothing beats my love for ROCK!! (even tho i have mixed emotions about the word "love"??! but ill use it anyway! i love skate boarding!! i love the city! and nothing beats it!! walking in the dark, and not knowing what your gonna hit coz you cant see anything. watching red sunsets. taking pics in black i love it when im alone or when its so quiet that all i hear is my heart beating....

Welcome to Homecoming…
Broadway Themed Mothafuckas! #broadway #Frankie #Donnie   (at HOMECOMING  )
I wanted to thanks all the APEX Students for shouting their hearts out! We kicked this Spirit Week off! And homecoming is around the corner! #DRAGONPRIDE #APEX #HBHS #STEM #SPIRITWEEK
#SkateLosAngeles Shot taken by the wicked awesome photographer @skateghost  (at Gardner Elementary)
What are you waiting for? #photogrid #latenight #bathroomselfies #selfie #wtf #green #geometric #zzz #tumblr  (at The Los Angeles Film School)
#Sudyingiskillingme #studygame #nerd #work (at work overload)
The only bad part was that I missed there show. But I got there record, chatted with the band, and got my album signed. Pretty sick! #RXBANDITS #geminihermajesty #fingerprints  (at Fingerprints Records, Long Beach Cali)
20 Facts About Me: Tagged By @ukuleleboy 
1. I avoid the TV like the plauge! 
2. Texting and Phone convos are not me thing, I like face to face conversations.
3. I’m very adventurous! And Wonderlust! 
4. My main sports are Skating, Biking, and Running. 
5. I get into a lot of accidents or near-death situations (due to 3 and 4)
6. I’m in a constant state of hunger to learn, and to eat…
7. I’m a Gemini (don’t get on my bad side)
8. I’m a closet poet.
9. I’m a musician (Singer/Guitarist) 
10. I like to help people.
11. I want to become an Architect
12. If I want to spend time with you, you better believe you withhold great importance in my life! 
13. I keep your secrets. And mine.
14. Unconditionally in love with Literature!
15. Lived in the PH for 11 years. 
16. Played bass for a Hardcore Band!
17. Broke my foot twice, a and tore my wrist ligament from sk8ing.
18. Downtown is my haven.
19. 50% Filipino 25% Black 25%French
20.  I’m a kalidascope…
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NoHo Today, hit a 50-50 on the ramp. #skate #skater #skatelife #5050 #grind #hallofmeat #noho #skatepark #ride #SnapShow (at North Hollywood Skate Park)